Interview with Bogdan Mijovic


How did the idea for your first business venture come about, and did you work with anyone else while crafting your idea?

I thought I had an idea, but of course it wasn’t that easy. I think people start understanding business only when they start doing it, and that’s good, because if I had known everything that I was supposed to know when I started, I never would have started. I had co-founders and with them I worked on my ideas.

Did you believe that your own business was going to be successful and did you ever have any doubts?

Luckily, I had no doubts about the realization of my idea. I was very confident that it would work.

What was the most challenging thing for you when you were starting your business venture?

The hardest thing for me was to realize that some things will simply not be able to do, and to move on. When at some point you realize that what you thought cannot come to fruition quite so easily, then you have to find the strength, because in the beginning it is often the rejection from various people and it is difficult to get over it. The fact that people reject your idea, and that you need to continue on fighting for what you believe in. That was definitely the hardest, but it always happens and I think that’s normal.

Did you have people who supported you when you were starting, or were there people in your surrounding who told you that what you envisioned is not feasible?

I had no support, and I still haven’t gotten it. It’s still me against everyone else.


When you were starting your own business venture, was there anything similar to SW?

No. Initially, I did not even know what a startup is, when I was starting, I think that I did not know that word meant. I went to Startit events, and they held some lectures, but back then I did not even know what a pitch is. That is where I spent the most of my time.

What are the best features someone who wants to start their own business should have?

They need to be assertive and they need to be able to accept criticism. I think that is very important. They should not be angry at those who criticizes them, because quite often the critiques are well-intentioned. The criticism which is delivered in bad faith only needs to be rejected. Vanity is bad and it must be avoided.

What is your advice for those who have an idea and believe in it, but are afraid of?

That they should give up.

What is it that will be important to you as a judge during the evaluation?

Who are the people on the team? What have they done before? How convincing their story is and whether and to what extent they are enthusiastic about their ideas.. Does their idea make sense or is it just packed up in a story?

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