Interview with Jasmina Nikolic


When you started up the business of your own, did you have a clear idea of it or did you work with somebody on forming a joint idea?

I had pretty clear idea of how I wanted to begin,  when i started and saw the results, I worked on making that idea clearer and joined with people on upgrading idea and that is something that I still do.

What made you go on an adventure of having your own business?

My wish to personally affect the solutions, not to depend on anyone, the ability to decide what and how will I work, to work in a real world with real people on real problems.

What was the most challenging and effortful thing for you about setting up your own business?

The hardest thing was to make some long-term strategy work with steps on a daily level, it took the most of my time. When you start, you constantly have to look if the thing you do today is shooting a strategy based on values.

Were you supported by people in your environment or were you told that what you had come up with was not achievable?

People closest to me were supportive, the others questioned the success of my move,was that a smart thing to leave a stable job with guaranteed paycheck and start something extremely uncertain.

Were there any events similar to Startup Weekend at the time when you were starting your own business and would you have pitched on event like that?

Yes, absolutely, in both cases, I have always been fascinated with Startup Weekends and pitching, I even did it several times, I love it and I think people should do it, the thing I am working on agile organization development, can upgrade ratio between venture capital  and startups.

Jasmina QED

What’s your advice for those who have an idea and believe in it but are afraid of failure in case they pursue it?

To try, there is no reason not to, cause that failure can not be cardinal or epic, so that they would have a reason to give up.

How much did your acquaintances help you and how much do they still help you run a successful business and did you know the people you are working with at the time of starting up your business?

Some of them I did know, and some of them not,  acquaintance like a category means nothing special, relations that you make with people are what is important.

How important is team work for a successful business and startup development?

It depends on what you define as a team, the existence of people who can help you  is very important , even partnerships, number of people is not important, it doesn’t have to be a big number. It is far more important that people who work on idea are able to integrate that idea, it is the most significant thing.

What’s the “right” time for starting up a business and should we actually wait for it?

The right time is when a men feels he has concrete idea that he is passionate about, and when he thinks he can make something that will change the way people are doing things.

What qualities should a person possess if they want to start up their own business ?

There are few key qualities, that a person devoted to achievement culture, he wants to set high, but achievable goal, and that he doesn’t run from challenges. On the other side, he must be able to work with others, but never to forget on his personal goals and on himself as an individual.

As one of the judges, what will you be focusing on during the presentations?

Does their idea change the way people are already doing something? Are the one who present an idea passionate about it? Are the people who work on idea able to integrate it? Are they devoted to achievement culture? Those are some key questions.

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