Interview with Divjak Brothers


Fliiby is an online service which combines all of the things that Youtube, Flickr and Soundcloud offer, but unlike most of the services out there, it pays each and individual creator with the earnings acquired by the advertising of their content.


How did the idea for Fliiby come about, and did you work with anyone else while crafting your idea?

It was the year 2007. when we came up with the idea and decided that we wanted to do something constructive with our lives. Given our background, and our previous projects, we wanted to create the world’s first library for files which would unify images, audio and video clips, documents, games etc.

Did you believe that your own business was going to be successful and did you ever have any doubts?

We were very confident in the beginning, and we didn’t have any doubts that our project would be successful. A good incentive for us was the fact that whatever we were doing, adding things or promoting, we could immediately see the results of our work. Over a certain period of time (years, to be precise), we encountered various difficulties and obstacles with which made us doubt everything that we were doing.

Did you have people who supported you when you were starting, or were there people in your surrounding who told you that what you envisioned is not feasible?

You need to listen to yourself and believe in what you’re doing. If you have a vision, you need to surrender to its realization. Do not look for stimulation from the outside – you do not need this form of manipulation. There will always be those who are with you as family and as friends, but there will also be those who question what you are capable of. If you go to battle with every dog that starts barking at you, you will never arrive at your destination!

When you were starting your own business venture, was there anything similar to SW?

Back in 2004. when we successfully completed our project, one of the first file sharing sites in the world, the term startup hadn’t even been coined yet.

If you had a quality idea about starting your own business now, would SW be the place you would

present it?

Possibly, although we would probably try to start things up again independently.

What is your advice for those who have an idea and believe in it, but are afraid of?

You FAIL? Good! Try again 😉

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