Interview with Darko Fabijan


Darko is an engineer and co-founder of Rendered Text and bootstrapped startup called Semaphore. He loves building a continuous integration service that thousands of developers around the world enjoy using. With his fellow comrades he is fighting the battles with US venture capital backed competitors.
darko fabijan

 Considering the fact you became an entrepreneur right after finishing your studies, did that help you to realize business idea?

Although we started working as students, we didn’t have a realistic image of whole business world. Only after we took part in an event named Seedcamp in Croatia, we started thinking as entrepreneurs. That was something like Startup Weekend. There we presented our idea for the first time. It wasn’t perfect at all. Probably that is the reason why it couldn’t be made. But I still think of it as a success, because on that event we met many professionals and learned much about entrepreneurship.

When you started at first, did you have any fears? Maybe fear of failure?

Not really. I have already known many people doing on their own, so I wasn’t scared. But it is obvious that people here have much different attitude towards failure than those in USA or West Europa.

 Do you think that events like SW is good way to start running your own business?

Yes. During this kind of training courses and workshop people have an amazing opportunity to meet others alike them, get some new skills, ideas and experience.

What do you think is the biggest reason for young people not becoming entrepreneurs?

Fear of responsibility.

Which personalities should one have to become an entrepreneur?

It is said that some people are born to become entrepreneurs, but it is also believed that it can be learned. I think the truth is a mix of both. But it is a necessity to be motivated and to be ready to take risks.

Which advice would you give young people thinking about starting some firm?

Just don’t wait too long. After you finish your studies, do some internship and start working on improvement of your own idea. While you still have plenty of energy and willingness, go into entrepreneurship.

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