Interview with Boban Miksin, partner and CTO at Vega IT Sourcing



What do you do?

My position in Vega IT Sourcing is Chief Technology Officer (CTO), which means that, as a rule, I should be the one that is asked about everything that has to do with technology. If we have a project that demands the application of a certain technology, I’m the one that is supposed to know about it. Apart from that, I lead different teams working on many different projects, and hold internal meetings regarding education.

What was the road that lead you to Vega?

Before Vega, Saša, Vladan and myself worked together in another company. They left it and started Vega. Not long after that, I started working there. I worked for about three years before I was offered partnership.

Which faculty have you finished?

I finished the Faculty of Technology in Zrenjanin, with a major in Computer Science. I have never worked as a teacher, however, I have done private lessons a lot. Apart from that, I often hold lectures with .NET User Group, I have also held lectures at DaFED and twice in a row at Microsoft’s Sinergija.

Have you ever thought about starting your own business?

I have never thought about complete independence, I consider it a pretty serious step, and I really like what I’m doing right now, I like doing what I do. If, by any chance, I did start doing something by myself I wouldn’t like it to be much different than what I’m currently doing.

Do you have problems working with friends?

No, that is a non-issue for me, I can always differentiate those two things. If there is a problem, I treat everyone equally.

Where do you see yourself in two years’ time?

I see myself in the same place as now, the only thing is that I would like to distance myself from projects even more, and do more in the line of my job title.

What is your motive for participation in the Startup Weekend?

My goal is to share all my knowledge and experience with the participants of SW.

What should anyone who wants to start their own business have?

Someone who is starting a business should have some experience, preferably in someone else’s company, where one could see how things are done, how you communicate with and treat people, or at least be familiar with it to some extent.

What is your task as the team leader?

Every individual is different, and what I need to be as a team leader is not much different than a psychologist. Every day I must observe reactions of everyone in the team. Someone doesn’t feel like working today, someone does, someone can work under pressure, and someone cannot. You have to know the limits of your employees, to feel the team and each member. When you can do that, you can easily organize work.

How did you land your first job?

I am in this line of work professionally for 9 years now. I was lucky enough to land my first job on the day of my graduation. While I was studying, I did a lot of term papers and held private lessons for people with different personalities. It is via acquaintances made while I was working on one such term paper that I got my first job. After a while, I had to do my civilian service, in Sremska Kamenica Institute, Department of Cardiovascular Care, where I was lucky enough to be put in the computer center so I was able to do my own work.

What should the participants focus on?

First they should start with a grand idea, a vision. They should break down the idea to smaller tasks and all that needs to be done in order to reach the final goal. It is important to assign roles once they agree what they want to achieve, in order to know who is responsible for what. If everything depends on one person, it is not a good model.

What would be your advice for the Startup Weekend participants?

First of all, my advice would be that their attitude is very important. It’s not enough to only possess certain knowledge, it’s important to work on your skills as well. The way you communicate with people, the way you treat people, your attitude towards your work. Of course, one of the most important advices would be to try to distance your emotions from your work in order to reach big decision, almost everything in business is based on decision making.

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